Heart Touching Good Night Messages for him to make him smile

Send a good night greeting to an important person in your life. Keep it simple for someone you’re getting to know, or write something heartfelt for a person you know intimately. Get here Crazy Goodnight messages for him to make him smile. Heart touching good night messages for him long distance. Inspirational good night message for him.

Let him know he is your last thought of the day and make him feel special with a sweet text. Scroll down to check out our list of goodnight messages that will brighten his day as well as his night!

Good night messages for him

Good night messages for him


Crazy good night messages for him

Crazy good night messages for him

While the moon is shining in the sky, you are the brightest star of my night.

I can feel you whisper in my ear as I drift off and I hope you can feel my love as you sleep tonight.

I love you more than anyone or anything in the entire world and I wish you the sweet dreams.

Sweet dreams for a pleasant night and I wish you were here holding me tight.

Goodnight to my knight of light, the one who keeps my nightmares far away.

It may be a bare new moon but I know our love is brighter than any celestial object.

Romantic goodnight messages for him

Romantic goodnight messages for him

“Every night, I have sweet dreams of us being together. Some days, I can’t remember the dream, but I feel its sweetness because I wake up smiling.”

“You make my life worth living. Every day spent with you is my favorite day. I am ready to spend each day of my life with you and give you everything as you make my comfort your priority.”

“The nights feel scary when you are not with me. Please come and embrace me. I long to sleep in your arms soundly and fearlessly. Miss you, love. Good night!”

“I have pleasant and beautiful dreams every night. Do you know why? It’s because I dream about the most caring, loving, and understanding man — You. Goodnight, my one and only.”

“I want you to know something right now; I love you with every bit of my heart, and I can’t afford to lose you. You are the reason I wake up with happiness and a sense of fulfillment every morning.”

“In a perfect world, I would begin each day by kissing you and end each day by cuddling with you. Spending my nights with you is a dream come true. Goodnight, baby.”

“Every star that twinkles in the sky reminds me of the spark in your eyes. I miss being with you. I never wanna be apart from you, love. Goodnight, my man.”

“The most handsome guy deserves a goodnight kiss from the most beautiful girl. So here’s a long and passionate good night kiss from me to you. Mmmmmuah! Goodnight.”

“Thanks for always helping me rise above the uncertainties of life. You’re truly a blessing. Goodnight, baby. I love you beyond words.”

“I try to stop thinking about you but fail each time. My heart has stubbornly refused to let you go. I am not surprised, though, because no one has ever made me as happy as I am now. I love you! Good night, love.”

“Thank you for being sweet to me today. No one has ever shown me affection like you did. I am delighted to call you the man of my dreams. I am ready to love you much more than you can imagine.”

“I miss you so much, my dear love. Why are you so far away from me? I want to be in your arms tonight. Only that will make me feel alright. My love for you knows no bounds. Goodnight, king of my heart.”

“I wish I had your chest to put my head on instead of a pillow. I think of you before I close my eyes every night. Even when I close my eyes, I can only dream of you. I miss you, my love.”

“The physical distance cannot stop me from loving you. I can never see any other man now, as I have met the perfect man on earth. I am addicted to you as your love is so magical and worthy of being celebrated until the end of time.”

“I will always be grateful to you for your gift of love; it is the most precious gift ever. You could’ve given your heart to anyone, but you chose to give it to me. I love you so much, sweetheart. I will dream about you and me tonight. Good night!”

Long good night messages for him

Long good night messages for him

“Every night, the thoughts of how I’ve come to love you so much keep me awake. Goodnight, handsome! You make me feel so safe. Yes, I sound ridiculous, but it’s true. You’re mine forever.”

“Many people expect perfection, but for me, perfection is boring. I love you because you don’t expect perfection from me, and I genuinely love all your imperfections. I love you and wish you a sweet night.”

“The physical distance doesn’t lessen my love for you; in fact, it is more powerful now. My imagination is big enough to face the days I’m not with you. Have a good rest, my love!”

“I’m lying on my bed thinking about you. You have won my heart with the little things you do for me each day. I am lucky to have someone so special like you. Have a good rest, darling.”

“Yeah, you bring out the best in me. You inspire me to be a better person and motivate me to fulfill all my dreams. I don’t know how you do it. You make me want to be better.  I love you. Sleep well, charming guy.”

“This has been one of the best days of my life. I loved everything that we did today and never wanted it to end. I wish we relive this day over and over again. Thank you for knowing all the things that make me happy, my dearest. I love you so much. Sweet dreams.

“Waking up beside you is my all-time wish. I want to wake up in the middle of my sleep only to watch you sleep like a baby. I want to kiss your cute face at all times. I want to place my head on your chest and hold you tight. I want to be the only love of your life, the woman you see as your life partner. I love you.”

“So before you start reading, don’t think this is a serious love message where I would tell you how I cannot live without you and how you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. No, that’s not what this is about. This message is to make you smile when you go to sleep. Have a beautiful night.”

“Hey baby! I appreciate how much you have done over the years. Please stay with me, my love. Be patient as we try to weather the storm of life. I know you love me, and all I want is you to stay with me forever. Goodnight, my darling.”

“Even in my wildest dreams, I could never imagine a love as wonderful as yours. Every night, as I close my eyes, I wait for the morning because nothing in my imagination will ever come close to the reality of your embrace.”

“I may not feel you with my hands or see you with my eyes, but when I close my eyes, you are the only thing that my heart cherishes. I can’t imagine living without you, and I love you like there is no tomorrow. Sleep well, my man. Goodnight!”

“You are my Romeo, and I’m your Juliet. Don’t you worry, though, because there will be no tragic end in our story. We will live long to enjoy and cherish our love. Nothing can come between our love. I love you. Sweet dreams, love!”

“Thanks for taking me as I am and loving me unconditionally. With you, I feel free and fearless to show who I really am. You have transformed me into a better version of myself, and I have not felt like this ever before. Your love is amazing and incredible. I fall more and more in love with you every day. I hope you sleep like a log.”

“You are unique, and I love your uniqueness. You came into my life and captured my heart. I never stopp thinking about you, and your quirkiness makes me smile all the time. I now know that only you are worth taking the whole of my heart.”

“It’s quiet and lonely without you. It’s not easy for me to fall asleep, as I am so used to sleeping in your arms. I know the distance is for good, and I understand it, but that doesn’t make it less easy to deal with this loneliness. Forgive me for missing you so hard. Please meet me in my dreams, and that will make up for it. Goodnight, sweetheart.”

“Your love sustains me. It gives me the strength to be on top of my game and achieve my goals. I am practically living because your smile is a sign of divine hope, helping me survive. You are not just a friend but also a soulmate. Goodnight, dear.”

“I feel your presence everywhere I go. I am joyous because the love we share is real. I know that I am the most fortunate woman on earth because I found the most charming man. Sweet dreams, handsome.”

“Goodnight, my prince; my man; my strength; my motivation; my everything. You are the apple of my eye. I miss you more with each passing day. Sleep well and dream of your princess – Me. Goodnight, my love.”

“I’m looking at the moon right now, and I couldn’t help but think about the first kiss we shared on a lovely night like this. That moment was the most special for me as I realized you were the man I would spend the rest of my life with. It has been quite a ride. I miss you, sweetheart. Sweet dreams and goodnight.”

“Do you know that you are irreplaceable? You are one of a kind. Nobody can handle me and love me like you do. You have been everything to me; my best friend, lover, partner, adviser, guide, protector, strength, comfort, inspiration, and motivator. Wish you a sweet night’s rest.”

“While you are sleeping, I want you to know that you are the man of my dreams. You are the last person I think of before I go to sleep and the first person I think of when I wake up because you bring joy and contentment to my life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Thank you so much for choosing me!”

“I feel beautiful when I am with you. It has to do with how you make me feel and how you look at me with those smoldering eyes of yours. You make me feel special. I just want you to know that  you are the most handsome person I know. I wish you a wonderful night.”

“Although you are far away, I know that you are in my heart, and so, distance is never a barrier. Please know that no matter the distance between us, my love for you will always remain real and true. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Goodnight, my love.”

“Having a man like you who understands and accepts me is a blessing. I can be myself around you, which makes me satisfied and happy. I sleep well with that assurance and want to assure you that I love you too. You are a rare gem, a person with a golden heart. Sleep well, babe.”

“There is nothing more mesmerizing to me than being with you, cuddling with you, and kissing you. I want to be the last person you set your eyes on before you sleep and the first person you hug when you wake up. I want to be that permanent part of your life, spending each day with you.”

“My longing for you intensifies at night, when it’s cold and dark, and without you around, I feel the emptiness in the room. I wish my days with you do not end with us heading in different ways. One day, my home will be yours, and we will call it ‘ours.’ I can’t wait for the day when with God’s grace, you and I will tie the knot. Good night, sweetheart. I love you.”

Heart touching good night messages for him

Heart touching good night messages for him

Mornings may be easy when I know you’ll be around, but nights are harder when your presence can’t be found.

While everyone else hears nothing this night, the loud beat from this heart you excite will be my lullaby.

Every night is a battle in my mind between dreaming I’m with you and nightmares where I lose you. I miss you.

I tried to count the stars to help me sleep this night, but all of their lights seem dim without your own star’s light.

A perfect world is one where you are the last thing I see each night and the first thing I notice each morning.

You may be away in your own little space but sleeping with the selfie we took this day is a fine second place.

You are the reason I fall asleep with a smile on my face. As you drift off tonight, may you smile thinking of me too.

I’ve gone to bed feeling a variety of moods over our time together, but one constant was those thoughts always involved you.

Worries over loving you? I’d sing “let it go” but then you’d hear me sing. I love you and “You’re Welcome” that this was just a text.”

While past nights with you are set in stone and the future nights are yet to come, I once again choose to say “good night” and “I love you.”

They say the night-time creaks of old houses are from age but I prefer thinking they’re just audible signs of your love for me.

May your night be relaxing, your sleep be peaceful and tomorrow morning is as bright as your perfect smiles that melt my heart.

I feel all warm and fuzzy thinking of you as I get ready for bed and think of you lying under the same moon sleeping too.

I am as happy as I will ever be and knowing you will be there when I wake up, makes sleep a little snugger and refreshing.

Every night is like going out for Chinese. I’m left with a sour taste from leaving you, but it changes to sweet once you show up in my dreams.

You are the reason I wake up in the morning so may we both drift off peacefully only to awaken to each other again for another day and another part of our forever.

I hope this night works like a recycler, converting your fear, your anger, and all of your sorrow into confidence, broken barriers and joy. Rest well.

Whenever I’d have trouble sleeping, I’d just go onto TV-tropes until I passed out. Unfortunately, all the entries I’ve looked over are from shows we both love. 😛

How can one man wear so many hats? You’re my daytime greeter, my lunchtime ally, my nighttime confidant and my late-night confession booth. Love you!

I wish I were the bed you sleep in so that I could be next to you tonight and every night, touching you so softly as you snuggle up and dream.

I love you so much and want you to know that I cherish you so while you close your eyes tonight, I wish you a good night and hope that you sleep well.

To always let you know you are on my mind and the last thing I think about before I drift off to sleep, I wish you good night and sweet dreams.

The night makes me lonely but knowing that you are the last person I say goodnight to and the first person I talk to in the morning makes it more bearable.

Half the world is working and doing its thing and the other half may be curled up in bed, but there are only two special people who see these messages. Love you!

I can almost feel you snuggle against me when I shut my eyes but I find you in my dreams and you are closer than a snuggle. Instead, you are in my heart.

Under the sky, the moon and stars, I do not know how I could ever live without you but during the night, I must but you will find me waiting in your dreams.

I am lying here thinking of you as I am about to drift off and I am so thankful to have you in my life as my sweetheart and my love and I wish you the sweetest of dreams.

May the breeze knock away your anxieties. May the darkness envelop your weaknesses and may the stars illuminate the best things coming your way. Love you sweetie.

Tonight’s warm feelings won’t be because you snuggled up but rather from the hugs enclosed with this text…and maybe some latent radiation in our phones 😛

Good night messages for him that touches the heart

Good night messages for him that touches the heart

“Myheart beats because you stay in it. You were there yesterday and today, and you’ll be in it forever. Goodnight my baby.”

“I wish the air sings a sweet song for you tonight, and the stars and the moon pray for your beautiful dream. Goodnight, my one true love.”

“I have trouble falling asleep at night. Do you know why? It’s because I can’t stop thinking about you. So, crawl into my dreams and take me away to peaceful slumber, where we can be the lovebirds we wished for.”

“I want to end this day by saying I love you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s wonderful to love you and be loved by you. You have my heart forever. Sleep sound and have the sweetest dreams tonight. Goodnight, love.”

“When you hold me at night, it makes me feel safe and reminds me that I have my happy place. As you are far away now, I have to sleep alone with thoughts of you for company. Think of me and meet me in my dreams. Have a lovely night’s rest.”

“I keep myself busy during the day, but the nights are all about you. I only think about you and me together. All I want is for you to come and hold me in your arms as I fall asleep, happy and content. Sweet dreams.”

“I count the stars in the sky for every reason I love you and the raindrops for every heartbeat that beats for you. I run out of stars and raindrops because my love for you is infinite, and my heart beats for you, and only you. I miss you, my love. Good night!”

“If you ever feel lonely, look at the sky and be assured that I’m somewhere beneath the same sky, wishing you all the best. Good night and sweet dreams!”

“You are meant for me, and I am meant for you – it is the eternal truth. We are made for each other, my love! It is not a coincidence but destiny that we fell in love at first sight. Sleep like a baby.”

“I am grateful for many things in life, but you are the real blessing for me. I am not where I want to be yet, but I can’t complain because I have you with me. God has been kind to me. There is nothing  that beats having you in my life. That’s something I am most grateful for. I love you. Sleep well.”

“Sometimes, when I think of you, I feel a strong urge to burst into a song and dance like a peacock. I know I will probably look insane if I ever try it. But this is just a way to let you know that you make me most happy. I really appreciate your love for me, and I love you too. I wish you a peaceful sleep.”

“Being with you fills me with joy, and my heart starts dancing. Spending time with you makes me happy and content. You don’t have to say anything, as your presence makes me feel complete. I am never letting you go. Good night and dream of me.”

“When I close my eyes tight enough, I can feel your gentle touches all over me. I feel your warm fingers and your warm kisses. You make me feel alive. But for now, goodnight and sleep tight.”

“It doesn’t matter if life tosses me here and there or if life is unfair. I feel all these experiences are part of being alive. What matters to me is your presence. The fact that you love me, accept me, and cherish me keeps me alive. I love you, babe. Goodnight.”

“All I want in this life is you and nothing more, nothing less. I can’t wait to be in your arms again and spend the whole night talking about our dreams for each other. I love you, sweetheart. Goodnight.”

“I hope you have sweet dreams tonight. I hope this night passes quickly so that I can be with you. I need to tell you I miss and love you. I wish the pillow by my side were you. Good night, baby!”

“Good night, my man. As long as I am woken up by the thought of you in the morning, I don’t mind having any scary dreams. I know you can handle everything. You are my superhero, the Super-Man I have been reading about.”

“Thinking about you is not a hobby, but a good habit. Let’s call it an addiction rather. And I love being addicted to you. Thinking about you make me joyous and takes me to paradise. It makes me forget all the unpleasant and unhappy things. Goodnight, dear.”

“You are my sky, and I am your cloud; you are the star, and I am the twinkle in you. We complement each other perfectly, my sweetheart! Goodnight and sweet dreams.”

Good night message for him long distance

Good night message for him long distance

I miss you so much more tonight than the other nights. I guess thinking about how wonderful you are just making it harder to be away from you. Get here as soon as you can, will you? Sweetest dreams, my love.

How can I tell you that I’m missing you in a way I have never missed you before? I guess I will just have to show you when we see each other. I can’t wait, love. Sweet dreams, good night.

“The farther away you are, the harder it is for me to fall asleep. No matter how far away you are, you’ll always be on my mind. Sweet dreams! I wish I were in your arms tonight —  hugging you, kissing you, and cuddling with you.”

I miss you so much tonight, my dear love. You are so far away from me. I wish I could fly to be in your arms tonight. That is what will make me feel alright. If there is anything greater than love, that is what I feel for you. Goodnight, the King of my heart.

Distance cannot stop us from being in love because loving you on its own is a remedy. A passion and pleasure that can’t be overemphasized. To me, I have seen you and I don’t have the ability to see any other man again. I am addicted to you as your love is so sweet, so cute and worthy of been celebrated until the end of time.

Goodnight messages for him to make him smile

Goodnight messages for him to make him smile

I’m lying lonely on my bed and all I can think of is you and how much I miss you. I can’t wait till you’re back, safe in my arms sweetheart. Have a pleasant night and sweet dreams.

I am not afraid to dream, my dreams are always of you. So whether day, when you are physically with me, or night, when we’re apart, it makes no difference because you live in my heart. Good night, my love.

The stars in your eyes when you look at me, are brighter than the brightest in any night. I live for those looks my love and I can’t wait to reunite with you tomorrow. Good night baby.

I’m looking forward to another beautiful day with you already, but first we have to cross the hurdle of the night. Do have a lovely night, my darling. Sweet dreams.

I adore you my love. I’ll spend the rest of my days loving you. Be assured that I’ll be waiting in your dreams when you close your eyes to sleep. Good night, baby and sweet dreams.

You keep running through my head, baby. I hope you’re thinking of me as much as I am thinking of you. Sleep well my baby. I love you so much.

You are beautiful my darling. I can’t keep your beautiful image off my mind. I’m going to have a really lovely night dreaming of you. I hope you do too. Good night, my love.

It’s been a long day, I can’t wait for the luxury of my bed, where I can dream of you all night. I hope you had a good day, my darling. Do have a pleasant night rest.

“My past doesn’t seem terrible because I now have you in my life. I sometimes wish I had met you way earlier. With you around, all the hurts and pain of the past fade away. I really love you. Goodnight, beloved.”

“My wish might have disturbed you while you were about to fall asleep. But I don’t want the perfect person in my life to sleep without a warm goodnight wish. May your life be filled with everything that you ever wished for. Goodnight, honey.”

“Honey! As you close your eyes tonight, know that you decorated my life, and I celebrate every bit of it. My love for you grows stronger and sweeter with each passing day. Close your eyes and sleep tight, knowing that I will never stop loving you. Good night, my love.”

“I always wake up with my smile on my face because I know you are thinking about me. I hardly find myself frowning these days. It must be the contentment I feel from loving you and knowing I am loved in return. I am madly in love with you. Sleep well, honey!”

“I fell in love with you the moment I set eyes on you. Somehow, I knew you were meant only for me. I am crazy in love with you and love everything you do. Your messages make me giggle like a sixteen-year-old, and my heart starts dancing. Sweet dreams, my love.”

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